About CFGE: What we do

A message from one of our founders -- Judith J. Roseberry

Judith J. RoseberryI have been involved with Gifted Education in the state of California since 1962.  I have been a member of California Association for the Gifted since 1974 and have served the group in various capacities including serving as President twice, Treasurer and serving on multiple committees throughout the years. I've watched the Gifted Education programs in our state grow into a prosperous bloom and be cut down like wheat in a field.  I've seen a lifetime of legislators and governors impact the educational future of our brightest and most able youngsters - some aware and some oblivious to the impact that they have on our youth. 

I always believed there had to be a way to preserve and enhance the educational opportunities for our gifted learners, their families and their teachers.  I envisioned an organization that could help maintain the best of all that we have learned over these many years.  This foundation has always been a dream; even if it took until 2007 to become a reality. 

A foundation could engage in research to add to the knowledge bank.  A foundation could offer grants to adults and students to further education and foster the love of learning. A foundation could raise money to do all this and still offer the tax deduction benefit to donors.  A foundation could do so much for a cause that is so dear to my heart.

More importantly, this Foundation could pursue the best opportunities to keep Gifted Education alive in California when education funding is being cut everywhere.  All of this could be done without regulation other than the very stringent State and Federal non-profit laws.  I was willing to abide by the non-profit laws, to work on raising money to support our goals of grants, education, awards and research - our teachers and gifted students need our help more than ever and we are overjoyed that we are making a difference.

Judith J. Roseberry