Grants & Awards: Adult

Grants and Awards for Parents and Educators

One of the pillars of the California Foundation for Gifted Education is our dedication to helping both teachers and parents. We strive to support our teachers and parents with grants and awards to fund projects or research that they feel strongly about and yet have no other avenue for funding.

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Jeanne Delp Memorial Grant

Deadline: October 15, 2017

Amount of Grant/Award: $250.00


Jeanne Delp was a remarkable educator who made a difference in the lives of children and adults throughout her long career. Jeanne was instrumental in statewide efforts to make parents truly equal partners in the education of gifted and talented young learners.

Jeanne conducted landmark studies about the educational needs of gifted students while working as a state Department of Education consultant in the 1950s. Her studies resulted in the 1961 legislation that created the Gifted and Talented Education program, known as GATE. The state-funded program is still operating today.


These grants given by California Foundation for Gifted Education will facilitate a project designed to promote the active involvement or education of the parents of a classroom of gifted youngsters. This project will work to include parents to help secure the success of the GATE students. These grants will be awarded for a project where funding would otherwise not be possible.  


Educators who apply for the grant must be GATE certified. Application must include clear goals, and a timeline to include dissemination of the project. This could be in the form of a presentation at the CAG conference or an article in the CAG Intercom newsletter.

GATE Classroom Grant

Deadline: October 15, 2017

Amount of Grant/Award: $300 - $500


These grants are intended for educators who think outside of the box and wish to enhance the GATE instruction within the classroom. The funding of this award is meant to facilitate a project that other funds do not or cannot finance.


 Educators who apply for the grant must be GATE certified.

May Seagoe Memorial Grant

Deadline: November 15, 2017

Amount of Grant/Award: $1,000.00


The contributions of May Violet Seagoe will live long in the memory of her countless friends and associates. Her reputation as an educator and psychologist transcends the boundaries of the nation, and throughout her distinguished professional career her advice and counsel were sought by many. She was never too busy to help a student or a colleague and participated actively in her duties as a professor and administrator in the Graduate School of Education. She initiated the field of special education in the Graduate School of Education at UCLA.

Dr. Seagoe's research and writing, done with a concentration on the gifted, on learning theory, and on exceptional children were well known throughout the nation, and her opinions were sought by universities, research groups, and professional associations. Her books include, The Teacher's Guide to the Learning Process, Yesterday was Tuesday, All Day and All Night, and Terman and the Gifted. The last publication had special meaning for Professor Seagoe, since she was one of Dr. Terman's gifted pupils and had herself been studied from early childhood into adulthood.


The May V. Seagoe Memorial Scholarship is California Foundation for Gifted Education’s grant to educators and is intended to:

• foster excellence within gifted education

• encourage commitment to serve gifted students;

• promote an understanding of giftedness through research.


Educators are eligible who are:

• currently enrolled in or planning to enter a program of advanced study in gifted/talented education, or

• proposing to implement a research project which will contribute to gifted/talented education.