Grants & Awards: Student

Fostering the love of learning

When a student has a desire and a motivation to succeed both inside and outside the classroom, it should be encouraged. As a parent or educator it is vital to be supportive and to foster the love of learning. The love of learning will last a lifetime.

The California Foundation for Gifted Education strives to encourage and support the hopes and dreams of students.  Whether their dream is to go to college or to expand their knowledge and experience in an activity that is important to them; the California Foundation for Gifted Education is there.

Gifted Student STAR Grant

Deadline: November 15, 2017

Amount of Grant/Award: Up to $500.00


The Gifted Student STAR Grant was created to foster the love of learning in Gifted Students. To Support, Teach, Achieve and Realize success outside of the classroom.


Gifted Student Grants are intended to assist you, as a gifted student, to excel in an area of interest or achievement. Grants are typically awarded to help finance:

• an original project which holds promise for the advancement of learning or contributes to a field of endeavor, or

• an instructional opportunity not available in your school district


You are eligible if you are currently enrolled in a gifted and talented program and will continue to participate in it for the duration of the intended project or instructional opportunity. These awards will not be given for post-high school work.

Margaret Gosfield College Grant

Deadline: June 30, 2017

Amount of Grant/Award: $1,000.00


Margaret lives her life in service to gifted students. She has been a teacher, a district program coordinator, an educational consultant and a regional advocacy leader. She has served on the Board of Directors of the California Association for the Gifted for over 20 years.  Intellectual and Artistic passion are very important to Margaret. She believes it is passion that epitomizes the character of who a gifted child is. This passion should be validated and celebrated within each of you.


This Scholarship is more than GPAs and honors received in school. It is intended for gifted students who are entering a college or university and have a passion beyond the academics; an intellectual or artistic passion that drives them to succeed beyond the classroom. It is meant to fuel the intellectual and artistic passion within each student without regard to the financial status of their parents.


• Student must currently be in grade 11 or 12, and attending classes in a recognized California educational setting. (Juniors expecting to participate in an early entrance program at a participating college or university are eligible.)

• Student must be planning to enter a recognized school of advanced education during the 2014-2015 school year.

• Student must demonstrate outstanding achievement in a chosen area of talent or giftedness.